SPIDER 5G Cyber Range workshop for EU CERT/CSIRTs

SPIDER 5G Cyber Range second workshop for EU CERT/CSIRTs 13/5/2021

The 2nd SPIDER 5G Cyber Range workshop for EU CERT/CSIRTs took place virtually on Thursday 13/5/2021, and was attended by 16 participants. Our partner FORTH, was the organizer and the host of this event while among the participants were representatives from organizations such as BU-CERT, CYPRUS NATIONAL CSIRT, HELLENIC CSIRT and the GR.NET CERT. This meeting was a continuation of the first workshop done on April, with a basic objective to continue our discussions and establish operational connections with CERTs/CSIRTs. Within the scope of this workshop the SPIDER partners had the chance to present various important project aspects, such as   Continuous Risk Analysis within SPIDER and the CRAE engine (presented by ATOS partners), the SPIDER Cybersecurity Investment Component (presented by CYBERLENS partners), and finally SPIDER’s potential offerings to the liaised CERTs and next steps (coordinated by UBITECH and FORTH partners). The established link will remain active until the end of the project, providing the SPIDER’s technical offerings and training material to the CSIRT/CERTs community, receiving feedback that will assist the exploitation of the platform to more sectors that prior envisioned.